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About Me - Yoga by Gia

Welcome to YogabyGia. Being a yoga teacher brings me immense gratification, but what I find most rewarding is observing the profound and positive effects it has on everyone who practices Yoga.

Through the years I have studied with many wonderful teachers. All different styles of yoga, and with my practice I have incorporated my own style. I have experienced infinite transformations in all areas of my life, in my body, my mind, my relationships. And, through teaching, I have seen many of my students have the same kind of life-changing experience. I am dedicated to the explorations and knowledge found in all traditions of yoga. Each day, the journey becomes more fascinating and inspiring. It is impossible to outgrow yoga because it reveals more to you every time you practice. The practice is the best of all teachers.

Here in YogabyGia, I will share the things that inspire my practice and boundless passion for Yoga. Thank you for visiting my website. I am excited to have the opportunity to share the adventure with you.


Namaste ,



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