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My mission is to maintain a sanctuary for the exploration and practice of yoga for the growing community of students. Classes help build strength and flexibility, body and breath awareness, balance,confidence and a sense of well being. My unique environment is designed to enhance body, mind and spirit for all adults, regardless of fitness level and movement experience.

Some people come to yoga for relief of physical pain, some as a form of exercise, and some as a way of life. Yoga encompasses all of these, but its main aim is to liberate the human being. The word yoga means to yoke or to unite. I am bringing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of the individual into harmony.

Through my yoga practice I drop the veil of illusion that we are separate, and renew our relationship to ourselves and to the world. I invite you to use YogabyGia as a place to play, explore, and expand your community. If you are new, I encourage you to take a class and find what is right for you.

The benefits of yoga --- Agility, grace and flexibility, strength and endurance, loose muscles and joints, relaxation and energy, improve energy flow. The benefits are extraordinary, especially for individuals who work long hours and tend to have sedentary jobs. Yoga will energize your mind and body and rejuvenate your whole being.


Namaste ,

Gia, R.Y.T.

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